How We Do It

As part of our Moodle Content Development services we add value far beyond the creation of pages. We begin by helping you determine what you need. Most of our clients are experts in something other than training. If you were an expert in training design or Moodle, you wouldn’t need us! So, it is up to us to ask you the right questions to build the best training for your needs.

We start with a series of questions to determine:

Your audience. Who are they? What positions do they hold in the company? What is their academic background? What is their experience?

Your desired message. What do you want your audience to get out of this learning experience?

Your constraints. How much time can you afford to have your audience away from their jobs, taking training? How much time can they dedicate to project work for the training? What is your budget? Is your audience geographically dispersed? Can they travel? What technology is available at your locations?

Your business objectives. Is this a small part of your business or your only product? Is eLearning a support feature for existing clientele? Do you want to use eLearning to reach more clients? Is it your goal to cut back on your personal workload? Is this eLearning for your employees in an effort to cut back on training expenses?

We coordinate with our Moodle Partners for:

Your site hosting and Moodle installation
Creation of your site’s theme
Moodle plug-in installations and configurations, as needed

We coordinate with our web marketing partner (if applicable) to:

 Build, redesign, or update your non-learning site, built in a CMS application such as WordPress
Install applicable eCommerce and Moodle integrations (such as sign on methods)
Develop your web and social marketing strategies

 We coordinate our team with your team to do whatever your project calls for, such as:

Design your Moodle course architecture
Create graphics and multi-media
Create exam questions, glossary entries, assignments
Research, write, and edit
Build it!

We will guide you through each step, with a set of questions and options at each step. We will tell you what’s possible – what has worked best for others and what hasn’t – and you can choose.

Together, we’ll design the best blend of learning activities for your needs, within your budget and timeframe.

We’ll Build Your Moodle Site.  We’ll Build Your Business.

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