Moodle Content Development

When you engage Albany Analytical to build your Moodle courses, you are making an investment in your business.  We will convert your learning materials into highly professional, cleanly coded, and well-designed Moodle content.

  • We don’t copy/paste, so you will not end up with junk on your screen.
  • We use the HTML editor plus some HTML coding to ensure that your formatting is controlled by your theme’s CSS, not rogue code that was copied in from a PDF or Word document.
  • We use web-optimized graphics and we know how to make your content reusable from course to course.
  • We know when to open pages and documents in a new window and when not to.

When we build your Moodle content, it will survive Moodle upgrades and upgrades to most browsers (knock on wood!).

  • It will look good on most browsers and devices.
  • We know how to build in links to external sites that won’t break and give that dreaded “404 not found” error.
  • There won’t be a little red x where a picture was supposed to be.
  • We know how to link downloadable documents that will work for all of your students, whether they use a Mac or a PC, a desktop or an iPad.

We layout each course for your audience, using many Moodle plug-ins that don’t come with a discount hosting installation. This extends the functionality of Moodle far beyond what a basic site can do.

What Albany Analytical does not do is to mess with the Moodle core code.  Moodle has a fairly standard layout (left column, right column, large center area), regardless of the theme.  A group of developers and plug-in contributors have created the Moodle application.  A subset of those contributors are Moodle Partners; they are an elite group, with fewer than four dozen worldwide.  Some of these developers and most Partners customize your Moodle installation, in a responsible manner, when it makes sense to do so.  If this is in your budget, we will work with you to identify what you want and someone to do it for you.  However, we encourage all of our small business clients to stick with the core application (and approved third party modules) until your budget can withstand the cost of significant customization.

When you sign up with us, in most cases you are also signing up with a Moodle Partner, to host your site.  They will create a theme for you, with your logo and colors, based on a standard Moodle theme.  We will convert your material into Moodle content on that site.

For more on the differences amongst an application (such as Moodle), a website theme, and the content, please read this post.

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