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While eLearning is a new and constantly evolving concept, the use of it for business purposes is even more so.  The customers of business eLearning courses are very different than those of a university.  We know your customers: adults with jobs, families, and other obligations, who are taking your courses to improve their skills, gain certification, or qualify for new positions.  We know how to design training that will meet their objectives, and yours.

We also realize that many of our clients are not only launching Moodle sites for the first time; many are launching entirely new businesses or updating existing ones.  Along with which comes the need for a “corporate” website, perhaps a blog, social media marketing, logos and ad campaigns, and a plethora of other tasks associated with any business launch.

We help you build more than Moodle.  We help you build your business.

We work within the Moodle community to find solutions for business uses.  We, along with our partners, work with solutions-providers for functionalities such as e-commerce, user authentication methods, and web meetings to work within or alongside Moodle.

We have established relationships with non-Moodle web design firms that specialize in search engine marketing, social media marketing, and technologies.  We work with  graphics design firms that can design your Moodle site logo, design a set of coordinating logos, create your printed media, and even create an entire corporate identity for you.

The Perfect Blend

eLearning isn’t just electronic slides.  It is – or at least should be – a whole lot more than that.  eLearning should start with instructional design, taking into account the training objectives, the audience, expectations, and limitations.  We don’t just upload and insert.

We build GREAT eLearning. Read more about BeeLineResultsTM: Blended Learning Instructional Design

We Build Strong Foundations.  We Build Great eLearning.  We Build Your Business…to Last.

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