We Build Your Business

Whether you’re venturing into an entirely new business or looking to expand or improve the business you have, we will work with you to make sure your improvement and training efforts support your mission and vision.  No matter what size your project is, you’ll receive the benefit of…

Our expertise in business process improvement, marketing, and data analysis, including:

  • Lean and Six Sigma management system deployment; including strategic project selection, project coaching in both improvement and new process/product design, and sustaining the results with process management systems
  • 25 years experience in curriculum design and delivery of quality, lean, reliability, marketing, and environmental topics
  • Voice of the Customer surveys; design and delivery, as well as analysis of the data using Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
  • Social marketing strategies and search engine marketing

Our expertise in blended learning instructional design, including:

  • How to match the content, tests, and exercises to your audience to meet your training objectives
  • Development of valid testing instruments to measure knowledge and competency
  • Curriculum design for your training site; layout and design of each course
  • Data analysis of training participant and instructor scores, and when appropriate, recommendations on how to improve results
  • Integration of eLearning with your other products and services (both branding and application integrations)

Our expertise in eLearning, including:

  • Full understanding of Moodle features and how to use them most effectively for your audienceProfessional and clean content; no funny symbols or cock-eyed formatting; No Office® documents masquerading as eLearning content
  • Administration of Moodle courses, including users, features, and setting options
  • Report generation of participation, test scores, and other metrics of interest
  • e-Commerce solutions
  • Enrollment and payment methods
  • Third-party modules (Moodle contributed code) and their uses; working with developers to create additional functionality
  • Use of multi-media (such as videos, flash, games, Prezi, and Articulate Engage™ animations) with Moodle

Our expertise in research and content creation, including:

  • Research in topics to aid in the development of course content
  • Copywriting and editing for course text and multi-media objects
  • Creation or locating of suitable multi-media objects
  • Graphic development suitable for the Moodle course text and multi-media objects
  • Translation of content into multiple languages

We Build Strong Foundations.  We Build Great eLearning.  We Build Your Business…to Last.

Contact us to get started!

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