Worth Every Penny

Every day, businesses make decisions about what expertise is needed to grow, thrive, and provide the best quality products and services to their customers.  In addition to what expertise is needed, sources for that expertise are identified.  Any skill or knowledge comes from one or more of these sources:

  • Internal personnel who already have the skill and knowledge
  • Internal personnel who can be trained in the topic
  • Hiring of new personnel who already possess the knowledge and skill
  • Hiring of contractors who are experts in the topic

The decisions regarding whether to use internal or external resources and whether to learn the skill or hire someone who already has it, depend on three things:

Right Time, Right Thing to Do.  How critical is it to your business to have this product or service that requires this expertise? What opportunity is being lost if you don’t do it at all or take a long time to do it?

Value of Your Time.  How much spare time do you (and your personnel) have to take on the tasks of learning and doing it? How long will it take you to reach the top of the learning curve?  Could your time be spent in more productive ways?

Current Resources & Future Need. How much money do you have to hire someone to do it? How much will it cost you to train someone internally? Will you need someone to have this skill going forward or just until the service is launched?  What is really needed to maintain it?

If you have determined that Moodle eLearning is right for your business, now is better than later, and it’s best for your business to fill this need externally, let us do it for you.  We’re worth every penny!  We will work with you throughout the project to:

  • Determine your current budget, your long term plans, and build a plan to bridge the two
  • Set up hosting and any customization needed
  • Design the curriculum to take advantage of Moodle’s funtionality and features
  • Create the courses using the Moodle features and external applications to fit your needs and your budget
  • Manage the timeline to ensure that all deliverables are ready and deadlines are met
  • Create a transition plan for your site’s ongoing administration and future content updates

Contact us to discuss how we can become an invaluable member of your Moodle team!

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