What It Will Cost

Pricing for Business Process Improvement Consulting & Training

We make every effort to keep your costs low and our value high.  Our aim is to spend our time and your money on helping you, not on traveling or materials that never make it out of the box.  We will work within your budget to create a plan that balances the need to meet in person with the need to keep costs and time spent low.  For many years, we have successfully mixed on-site workshops with phone coaching and eLearning to produce the best learning experiences possible.

Please Contact Us to discuss your needs so that together, we can build the perfect plan to build and improve your  business.

Pricing for Moodle Content Development

We know it’s important for your preliminary search and budget planning to have an idea of what it will cost.

  • If you are new to Moodle, you should budget a minimum of $5000 for your first course, site and theme set-up, and first year hosting and administrative services*; additional courses are discounted if quoted as one project. 
  • If you already have a functioning Moodle site (not with a discount host), course development starts at $3000.

We offer Moodle e-Learning course development services for both new and existing Moodle users. You may have your eLearning content in another LMS, such as Plateau or Blackboard and want it converted to Moodle, you may have an existing training workshop that you’d like turned into eLearning, or maybe you have a book that you’d like a companion course for.  Regardless of how big (or small) your project is, we can help!

We look forward to working with you! Please Contact Us to discuss which of the following options are best for you.

Moodle Content Options:

 Courses On Your Own Site:   We’ll take a look at your materials and provide you with a flat rate quote before work begins. We’ll help you choose what type of site you need and what features you’ll want (or can afford right now).   Included:

Our expert advice in instructional design. We help you to understand your objectives, resources, and contraints to build the best possible learning environment for your audience.

  • Understanding your audience – their learning style(s), skills, needs
  • Understanding your training objectives
  • Overcoming geographical and technological limitations of your audience 

Included with every course are these features and services:

  • Curriculum design and course outlines
  • Course creation, fully utilizing Moodle’s features.  For more detail, click here
  • Graphics, Videos, and Audio files (you provide)
  • Quizzes, Glossaries, Assignments (you provide the content) 
  • How to animation for your students, customized to your site
  • Flash animations as applicable

You’ll always know what’s included in the price, and what the bottom line is, before we start! No surprises. *Albany Analytical provides Moodle content development services (conversion of your materials to Moodle) and administrative services (such as reports on student participation, grades, manual user account creations and enrollments).  Our Partners provide hosting, training, and theme development for Moodle. We can include their costs in our estimate or you may work with them directly.

 Courses On Our Site:   We’ll build your course just as described above, but host it on our Moodle site, BeeLearn.com.  With this option, you’ll save the cost of hosting, domain registration, and the decisions that go along with it.  You may use a standard Moodle theme for your course (or courses) or you may engage our Partners to develop a custom theme with your colors, logos, and drop down menu that will appear in your courses only.  Your students will still access your content through the main page at BeeLearn.com and you will be granted Teacher access.  This is a great option if you’re not sure what features and functionality you’ll need when you “graduate” to your own Moodle site, and if you’re not concerned about branding the home page content.  You should budget a minimum  of $2000 per course with no customization of appearance.

 Licensing BeeLearn.com Courses: These are already developed, and available right now! We can provide them to you as-is or customize them. For more, contact us. We also offer customization of these courses at no additional fee for large volume, long-term license agreements.

Contact Us for a quote today!

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