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Explore and learn moreThe following pages contain a wealth of knowledge that will help you wade through the sea of terminology, choices, and complex interactions that accompany eLearning. Some of it focuses on training design; some explains internet lingo.

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The more you “get”, the easier it will be for you to make informed decisions, spending both your time and your money wisely.  If you are a typical small business owner, you have very little of either to spare, so it is our sincere help that this information is of use to you.

Warning:  Don’t try to absorb it all at once!

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This blog is for all of you small business owners who know – or think – that you would like to put your expertise online. Perhaps you are already a trainer or consultant and you want to spend less time on the road. You might have written a book and would like to broaden your product offerings. Perhaps you’re looking to eLearning to enhance your revenue stream without working yourself into the ground. Or, maybe your clients have expressed an interest in a lower cost method of delivery; e-Learning might be the best way to reduce costs while maintaining quality…it sure beats putting five days worth of material into a three-day class. You might be concerned about your footprint (carbon, that is, not your shoe size), and want to do your part.

Regardless of why you want eLearning for your business, this blog is for you!



Buzz E. Beehive is the alter ego of eLearning expert and advisor, Penny Mondani. When designing Moodle courses at BeeLearn.com (no hyphen), Penny needed a test student. Buzzy volunteered for the job and has become an invaluable asset to the company (Albany Analytical).

Buzzy, like most bees, is hard working, industrious, and always working for the good of the hive. In this blog, Buzzy (with a little help from Penny) will work hard to help you, with tips on using Moodle, getting through your statistics course, or applying problem solving techniques at work. He’ll also suggest courses at BeeLearn.com whenever he feels one is appropriate to expand your knowledge in a particular subject.

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