Whom We’ve Helped with eLearning

These success stories are representative of the many eLearning projects we’ve worked on:

  • Business Unit Training :: A place to share information outside corporate restrictions

Project: Offer new and frequently updated training courses in Environmental, Health, and Safety, meet communication requirements by providing access to information, news, and the Policy for employees, contractors, and the public.

Issues: The business unit needed to provide training to personnel in environmental, health, and safety.  They were expected to communicate to all employees, contractors, and the public the most current requirements, any pertinent events, and documents relating to their efforts in this area.  IT had a set of protocols for posting information, creating courses, and other uses of their corporate servers,  designed to protect the integrity of internal databases.  These two sets of needs were in acting in opposition to one another.

Solution: Albany Analytical created a stand-alone Moodle site for the business unit to fulfill all of its requirements; fast creation of training, tracking of activities, ease of access for remote personnel (employees and contractors) news forums, and public access to EH&S policies and events. 

Results:  The Moodle site and first course were online in less than one month.  The business unit was able to modify the training without the usual formal change documents, with little or no lead time, post news, post the Policy for the public read, and link to internal websites securely.

  • Professional Practice :: A self-help instructor puts her workshops online

Project: Convert ten years of in-person workshops to a comprehensive learning site.

Issue: The volume of material to be presented was enormous and the instructor had too much else to do in her business start-up to learn Moodle. She had an existing Moodle site that was ugly and “broken”. Having wasted months and much money on discount web hosts and “consultants” not as well-versed in Moodle or training design as they claimed to be, she was at her wits’ end. She needed help!

Solution:  Albany Analytical took complete control of the Moodle site, and with the help of ClassroomRevolution.com, completely reorganized the courses, cleaned formatting, added graphics, flash objects with audio, rewrote copy, created quiz questions, built a custom certificate, and set up payments and enrollments.  The new site was fully operational in three months.

Results: The instructor was able to focus on the business aspects of her new product launch.  She knew in advance what her Moodle costs would be; all work was quoted and there were no surprises.  She gained peace of mind knowing that Albany Analytical could be trusted and was on her side.

  • Charitable Organization :: Moodle enables a charitable organization to continue to offer their grief counseling workshop, even in tough economic times

Project: Continue to offer this important training even though a tough global economy prohibited travel by most potential participants.

Issues:  The course had been delivered in a major city for 10 years, instructed by the founder.  Few formal training materials existed in this personalized workshop.  The charitable organization, reliant on volunteers and donations, could not afford an expensive IT solution.  They searched for two years to find a way to accomplish this task.

Solution: Using a Teacher Account at CRTeacher.com (hosted by ClassroomRevolution.com), Albany Analytical created a Moodle course and managed enrollments.

Results:  The course was online in less than one month.  Participants from around the world were able to enroll without the time or cost associated with travel.  They were still able to receive the personalized instruction of the founder.

  • High Seas Learning :: An international cruise line is able to provide overview training to 2000 employees, while they are deployed on ocean voyages

Project: This company needed to train 2000 crew members in safety and health topics within the next six months to obtain certification in OHSAS 18001.

Issues: Both time and budget were very short.  The content was not yet developed.  Computer access on the ships was very limited, and Internet bandwidth was restricted. The crew members changed ships as often as five times per month, depending upon sailing schedules and vacations.  This made it impossible to deploy training per ship because a large percentage of the crew on a ship at any given time had already had the training on another ship. 

Solution: Albany Analytical created a course on its own Moodle site, BeeLearn.com, that was very simple, with no pop-ups, flash objects, or other items that would use large amounts of bandwidth.  A process of creating generic “seats” in the training was developed; each ship was given 75 training positions, good for 3 weeks.  Crew members were told to obtain an id when they had time (on any ship they happened to be on), sign in, enter their unique employee #s, take the course, pass the quiz, and print a certificate. This was repeated until all employees were trained. 

Results:  All personnel who were targeted for training received the training in the desired six months.  The only time the crew members were “in training” was while they were seated in front of the computer, taking the online course.  There was no travel for crews or trainers, no hardware, no software, and very little paperwork.  The cost per student was less than half of the lowest price CD-Rom training material.

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