Everything we do for you benefits from our years of teaching and project experience. We’ve trained 1000′s of adults in business environments. We’ve taught plant workers how to use rocket-science software and convinced a room full of corporate managers to role play. We’ve harnessed the creative energy of marketing teams and turned it into detailed process maps. We’ve solved “unsolvable” problems.

Since the mid-1980′s, the team at Albany Analytical has been a leader in the deployment of management systems (TQM, Lean Six Sigma, integrated Quality & Environmental), including training design and delivery, strategic project selection, project leadership, and culture change. This experience has contributed to the creation of our blended learning approach, BeeLineResultsTM.

We have been working full time on Moodle for business training since 2005, when we launched BeeLearn.com. There, you can find courses that demonstrate many of Moodle’s wonderful features, as well as courses in running a Good Business, running a Lean & Green Business, and Statistics Demystified. They are all free and available 24/7.

Take advantage of our experience. Let us help you:

  • Build your Foundation. We know how to create and document procedures, capture and instill best practices, and train your employees to execute them flawlessly.  We will help you build your business to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
  • Build your eLearning. We know eLearning and how to use it in business, internally or as an added service to your clients. We know teaching in a business environment. We will help you build your business using eLearning to reach more clients, generate more revenue, diversify your product mix, be more efficient with your time, and offer your clients more options. We’ll make sure your content and delivery methods are robust and flexible to accommodate the rapidly changing learning landscape.
  • Build your Business. Whether you’re venturing into an entirely new business or looking to expand the business you have, we will work with you to make sure your improvement and training efforts support your mission and vision.

We Build Strong Foundations. We Build Great eLearning. We Build Your Business… to Last.

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